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Trouble keeping up with all the games? We can help!

We are extremely proud of all the current and former program members playing for so many teams around the district.  To help you catch as many games as you can, we have created a new page with schedules.  If you have a schedule we are missing, or an update with player info please send it to us.


Click on the schedule to visit our new page.


Unfortunately, the main gym at KHS has been flooded.  The information that we are receiving is that it will be several weeks or months to replace the floor.  We are working with the coaching staff, and our partners at AUMC to establish a practice schedule to minimize the disruption that this will cause.  Please check the calendar for updates.

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Project Hoops of Texas, Inc.

We believe fundamentals are the cornerstone to a good player as well as a good team. We stress fundamentals in both practice and games to make sure the players and teams with be able to compete at the highest level.   We stress teamwork and believe that teamwork is the key to success. While we like to see players grow individually, we like to see players learn to contribute to the team and its goals.

Located in Kingwood / Humble, TX we offer tournament and competitive league play for boys and girls 3rd grade through high school.

Parent Meeting Video

Missed the parent meeting?  Hear Coach Huseman's guidance for those with children involved in competitive athletics.

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AAU Age Verification

Register your player's age and grade with AAU age verification, required for all AAU promoted tournaments.


Project Hoops is a 501c3 non profit subordinate of the Amateur Athletic Union of the U.S. (AAU) and a copy of our registration can be provided upon request.

project_hoops Project Hoops project_hoops

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Project Hoops of Texas, Inc.