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Project Hoops in Action

Student Leadership Team

Project Hoops was created with the idea that it would be a student led organization.  Despite the challenges of the recent years, we want to keep up that tradition and structure.  We are inviting current high school students who are interested in being a part of our student leadership team to apply.

What does the student leadership team do?   Throughout the year the student leadership team helps to run the program.  We have three groups which each focus on Administration, Marketing / Media, and Operations.  The Marketing / Media team manage communication, website content, our social media accounts, and any advertising or promotions.   The Operations team handle schedules, work with coaches to ensure they have the resources needed, and in the future will be organizing leagues.   Finally, the Administration team takes care of billing, directing the other teams, and coordination with school administrators.

Being a part of Project Hoops game me the intangibles to be where I am today.  It taught me more than coaching basketball but real life lessons that I can use daily.  For example, leading, building relationships, and being organized.  - Matt Charles

How do I apply?  Send an email to Coach Connelly ( explaining why you are interested in becoming a member of the student leadership team and include any pertinent information which you feel conveys your qualifications.   You can include letters of recommendation from teachers, coaches, or anyone who can confirm your leadership ability.  Feel free to be creative and use whatever format or media you think best expresses you.

When can I apply?  Anytime

How much time is required?  The student leadership team are volunteers, and we ask students to work together to utilize their time effectively while ensuring that the programs requirements are met.  Since this is a volunteer position the student leaders can decide when, and how much time is required.  Normally a student in a leadership role can be successful while contributing 1-2 hours a week.  We do confirm volunteer hours for those who need hours for other student organizations.

Being on the leadership team for Project Hoops is a valuable experience.  All of the positions come with their own challenges, but the lessons learned are ones that I apply to my everyday life.  Being on this team also sets you up with new connections, and gives you a better understanding of behind the scenes work that goes on to maintain an organization like Project Hoops.   - Nick Neuman

What if I have questions?   Please send an email to with any questions.

Where do I send my application?  Send to


For me the leadership team was a great example, on a small scale, of what I should expect in real life in a leadership position.  It allowed me to build skills in communication and taught me how to better handle responsibility that was delegated to me.  - Sean Bryan

Academic Policy

We recognize the importance of academic performance for all our student athletes.  As a program, we consistently stress to our players that participation in any extracurricular activity is a privilege.  Further, Project Hoops leadership sees our role to support parents and students to help them achieve their academic goals.

We understand that each player and family should establish realistic goals for their unique situation.

It has been our experience that the most effective method of helping our players reach their goals in school and in the classroom is by working in close coordination with parents and players to ensure program activities motivate, reinforce, and support a student athlete.

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Project Hoops of Texas

We believe fundamentals are the cornerstone to a good player as well as a good team. We stress fundamentals in both practice and games to make sure the players and teams will be able to compete at the highest level.   We stress teamwork and believe that teamwork is the key to success. While we like to see players grow individually, we like to see players learn to contribute to the team and its goals.

Located in Kingwood / Humble, TX we offer tournament and competitive league play for boys and girls 4th grade through high school.

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AAU Age Verification

Register your player's age and grade with AAU age verification, required for all AAU promoted tournaments.


Project Hoops is a 501c3 non profit subordinate of the Amateur Athletic Union of the U.S. (AAU) and a copy of our registration can be provided upon request.

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Project Hoops of Texas, Inc.